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June 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Dealing with an almost inherent affirmative case

This is an example from the 2013-2014 topic during the summer……

Two ways around the inherency challenge:

1) Immigration reform now versus immigration reform earlier
2) There are probably niches of visas which would work (for instance Startup Visas or similar innovation or university/academic centric affs)

Not a guarantee, but a possible solution.

And….it hasn’t passed. It seems likely to pass–but the political powers seem to be changing things at the last minute so that it doesn’t pass. I think this even surprised the press who follow it.

Also, if immigration reform passes…that also means all the DAs are non-unique/empirically denied–you just have to find a niche that they failed to come to an agreement on or overlooked or a loophole they left. They have a long, long bill….you have to find one phrase/policy that needs to be change and is still an increase in economic engagement.

Why is it so vulnerable to XO? Is this typical of all immigration affs? If so, why doesn’t Obama just do Gang of Eight?


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