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June 25, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

How to give great 2ACs in policy debate

1) Know the literature on your aff…..both aff and neg.

2) Have a 2AC with lots of offense (presumably multiple forms if possible)

3) Know their probable end games (i.e. Various Ks or Politics and counter plan, etc…)

4) Own impact level uniqueness–try or die

5) Figure out how to get time tradeoffs somewhere.
a) Intuitive link turns
b) Cross apps from the affirmative
c) Try or die & other ways to answer arguments quickly and effectively on the case
d) Learn to group

6) Practice, practice, practice

7) Watch great 2acs. Reflect on the strategies and copy the good/great ones.

8) Competitive intelligence. This one is pretty huge. Use the wiki and tournament experience to your advantage. This ensures your aff and 2ac is always getting better.

9) Know your weaknesses.

10) Under-views if necessary

11)Affs come with built in advantages (ie aff literature vs. neg arguments…..know how to take advantage of these).

Here is another list of strategic advice for giving smart 2acs.
Writing topicality frontlines for 2ac
Writing counter plan frontlines for the 2ac
Writing DA frontlines for the 2ac
Writing Critique frontlines for the 2ac
Writing Case frontlines for the 2ac


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