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Hello, I am a long time debater and coach of several nationally ranked and NDT qualifying teams including the University of Rochester, Weber State, and CUA.

I’ve created this resource to help debaters get better at debate and to help teachers and coaches navigate the debate resources on the web.


Here are some issues I hope to cover later:

Basic Debate Skills
Intro to the Topic
Into to Debate Arguments
How to Flow
How to Cross examine (including how to answer & advanced cross-ex)
How to think about framework
Ethics in debate

FYI: Please forgive that some of these are outlines…..feel free to ask questions, comment, and use these resources in your classroom

Feel free to explore the Best of Learning Policy Debate

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Thanks for reading!!!


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  1. Catherine Provost / Jul 18 2012 2:17 am

    Thanks so much for this great resource! Might you know of any forums or groups for adults who are interested in learning how to debate?

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