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July 17, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Running Framework on the Negative–the Best Strategy Ever

Framework needs to engage their -ism.  You need to be able to turn the -ism they claim to solve for.


That is, you need to ideally have a (viable or credible) reason listed down that their failure to read a predictable aff actually hurts their -ism and or their movement.


This can be something like “law key to justice & informal forms of justice can negatively implicate their -ism” (perhaps with a bit of adaption).  Incidentally this is delgado argument, but I don’t know from where.


Why?  Because they will inevitably say “our -ism” trumps topicality/framework.  Or even go a step further and say their framework argument makes our -ism worse.  Or both.


Or perhaps something that creates a double-bind between their theory arguments and your framework argument (aka this isn’t consistent).


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