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June 24, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Critical thinking list of questions, etc…

Interpreting, leveraging, and comparison of assertions and facts

Big activities:
comparison, evaluation, judging, and big picture

Core questions
• What do you think?
• What makes you think that?
• Whats the implication?
• Are there counter-arguments?
• Whats at stake? Truly at stake?

[Consider Blooms taxonomy questions or your other post on critical thinking]

Another level of argument:
• What differentiates good argument from bad?
• What separates good from great?

Reasonable assertions–inferences

Know the angels. Do intel work.

Types of reasoning (analogy, history, precedent)

Scaled back view (aka worst case scenario)

Priorities (criteria, filter)
What that means (implied logic)
Systems theory (zoom in, zoom out)
Context and story (scene and conflict)


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