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May 22, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Getting ready to go for the K in the negative block

I think being ready for:

  • Framework
  • Theory
  • Perm (which is pretty easy)
  • Case turns (which is pretty easy)
  • Specificity o/ws
  • Link turns/Specific link turns
  • Defending the alternative (this is usually defense on their part)
  • Impact turns

And having it reasonably written out helps a ton in terms of giving yourself plenty of prep time & making your overall organization much smoother.


This isn’t about burrying them in a bunch of cards as much as it is about being smart & word efficient–but explaining it enough.  What this later part means is a function of your judging pool.


Oh…it helps to be in conversation with others who have run the K and/or understand the K.


It helps to have answers to the major K killers that people tend to run on your local circuit and/or the national circuit.

What are your best suggestions for prepping to run the critique effectively during the block?  I’ve written a number of short pieces on this issue.  I suggest reading, bookmarking, and printing them out.


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