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May 11, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Random thoughts about framework and answering Ks

1. What is a precise definition of framework? I have heard so many different things I am not entirely sure what to believe.


2. How do you as the aff argue framework against a Neg team running a K?


3. Does it matter if I concede framework on the K if I am already beating the link, impact, and alt on the flow?


AT: What is framework?


Framework is the theory of how the ballot works.  Framework is a decision-calculous.  Its a means to evaluate the argument.  It functions like criteria does in lincoln-douglas or at least should.


AT: Conceding framework:


More theory is really the best way to create offense on the K, that you can win definitively.


Conceding framework makes your aff go away in terms of impact in the debate.


There is a distinction between offense and defense on a K that you may not be getting.  You need to pick and choose based on offense and defense strategically often.


Your best bet in some respect is impact turning the K with your Aff impacts.  You need to understand this specifically.  Also, the K may be answering your impacts either at the level of solvency turn or assumption, which can make this difficult.


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