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May 9, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Critique Answers to Nietzsche for the 2AC

The right wing and left wing framing of Nietzsche ultimately collapse on themselves.  Nietzsches critique is a fools errand–no solvency.  They just re-inscribe the status quo.

(Guy Eglat, lecturer in the liberal arts at the School of Arts in Chicago and author of book on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, Why Friedrich Nietzsche Is the Darling of the Far Left and the Far Right, Tablet Magazine, May 8, 2017, p. online) [Accessed: May 8, 2017]

The secret of Nietzsche’s appeal to people from opposite ends of the political spectrum is thus revealed: To the radical right, it is his rejection of equality and the democratic ideas that are based on it that is scintillating and rings true (besides his often and—as I have argued—misunderstood flirtations with the concept of race); to the left, it is his anti-essentialism with its emphasis on the plastic nature of identity that promises liberation from societal oppression. But, as it is typical in politics, the catch is that each side, to maintain its political ideology, has to reject the other’s Nietzscheanism: The radical right cannot easily accept the idea that identity, including racial identity, is dynamic and malleable, and the left, in order to promote its progressive agenda in the democratic public forum, cannot easily give up on the idea of the moral equality of all.

The Nietzschean challenge, however, lies in the incorporation and combination of both extremes within one mind or one system of ideas, and it is perhaps this that explains why a Nietzschean political philosophy remains, to this day, an unstable and unrealizable notion: For a political ideal to be realized in actuality and motivate people, some unifying clarion call has to be possible to gather large groups of people behind it. But if there are neither equals nor fixed and unchanging hierarchies, if everything is fluid and in the process of becoming, no such call can be made: there will be no one to make it and no one to hear and respond to it.

Source: http://www.tabletmag…sche-left-right


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