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March 16, 2017 / compassioninpolitics

Answering the Human Rights K/Mutua

The West is the Best and Imperialism Good


You’re probably not going to link turn out of it.  You’re best option is:

1) Imperialism good

2) Theory/voting issues


A world without the West is net worse for minorities, tolerance, and freedom.


We should stand up for the values your aff stands for.


I think I would run something like Schmitt against the otherization claim.


These Ks are post-colonialism.


The net result of the K is tyranny.  It would allow WWII and human rights abuses to proliferate, which would be on balance worse for the overall concerns they are speaking of.


You can set this one up in cross ex….so we’re never justified in intervening?  Not even in the case of X, Y, or Z.  So Hitler…could…..A, B, and C and our hands would be tied.  (And this is net better for the concerns of international minorities).


Inaction in the face of oppression = complicity.  (or something along those lines)


Culture as a defense is just a ruse.  It allows ever form of abuse and dehumanization to occur.


You could make an additional argument about countries acceding to the UN convention of the rights of man.  You should double check to see if China has done it.



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