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December 10, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

What blocks should you prep out for the Pan/Otherization/Securitization Argument

Prep link takeouts by sections of the topic, particularly those popular on your circuit.  (For instance assumes Chinese militarization case or scenario, we don’t do that and various pieces of evidence in our 1ac prove china is a threat on this issue.)


Your explanation of how the ballot should work


AT: Framework/Policymaking first


AT: Other theory arguments (1) Plan inclusive kritics bad/PIKs bad, 2) Dispo/condo Ks bad, 3) perf con—either your other arguments link to the China part or the security part)


AT: The perm (not sure what that looks like at least in terms of its effectiveness, but its smart to have prepped out)


The perf con is particularly challenging to reflect on because a number of your harms takeout cards will say China is still a threat, just a lesser threat than the aff says.


AT: China is a threat


AT: Realism good

AT: Realism inevitable


AT: Alternative = violence


AT: Case outweighs


You also want to be able to articulate how the alternative functions.


You also want to be able to explain how the K interacts with the case.  How does the K turn the case or the case impacts?


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