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December 8, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Reflections on Answering Afro-Pessimism

The following is an answer to this thread here.  It also answers some of the state bad/reformism bad argument.

Issue 1: Conflation (or your argument is factually and historically false)


I think the conflation here is still at the end of the day a conflation:  when in time would the average Black person choose to live?  Pre civil war in slavery or in 2015 with Obama as president?


Or lets put that question another way, if you were a black person that was going to live 70 to 100 years on this planet, when would you choose to live?


Issue 2: And this argument makes perfect the enemy of the good.  MLK spoke of a historical arc in history.  This assumes if there is any latent racism we should blow it all up or trash the system.  I fail to see how that makes it all better?  Not to mention because the state performs lots of other functions to all the population including other minority populations effectively or better than it not being there.


Issue 3: I’m sorry, also the notion that internal cultural choices don’t implicate this question is incredibly assumptive.


Single mom households rather than two parent households for people in economic depravation in America are net worse off economically.  That isn’t magically solved by trashing the state (or whatever your alternative is).


Overall approach:


From a debate perspective 1 and 2 are much better.  I don’t know how #3 is much of an argument in terms of a K debate, even if its true.  (Alt causes have problems answering K’s overall, unless you can see something I can’t)


And usually the introduction of argument 3 is a red herring, but to a totalizing critique–that fundamentally misunderstands our contexts–its important to shed light on things.


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