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December 6, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Debating Performance and K affs on the affirmative with the China Topic

Find people in China who are excluded, marginalized, or silenced.


Google something like “most marginalized people in china.”


  • This folks:
  • The people who work in sweat shops is probably a great example.  I would look at stuff that connects them to US policy.
  • The fireworks industry is very specific.  There is evidence that connects fireworks & fourth of July to nationalism & capitalism.

I haven’t seen actual affs & case negs that came out of camp this year.


And probably 1/2 to 100% of all critical affs could perhaps be done as counter-memory.


Here is another option which overlaps to some extent:


  • You could pick a K like feminism and run it on the aff.  (these files may have voices, stories, etc… in them).  Or refer to groups who would be relevant for research.
  • Imperialism/Orientialism is another potential source
  • Terror talk on the aff.
  • You could critique trade/sanctions policy.
  • Pan K or Security K
  • Capitalism may be another potential source of evidence or arguments.

Although the narrative-esque quality of the counter-memory may not be available to all these Ks in the file.


I haven’t looked at the Knowing China Aff or Neg, but it has the potential.


Look at the K affs on this topic to give you an idea of how to proceed, if you really want to.


Ultimately I think this will turn into a K and framework and T debate.  You must understand how to debate framework and T to make an argument like this.


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