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November 28, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

How to answer extinction good–Part II



You might check out the wiki pages to help understand it.  Its three arguments arguably together:

  • Population good vs. population bad
  • Technology good versus technology bad
  • Economic growth good versus economic growth bad

Really the technology and economic growth part.


The argument is that their models don’t assume the historical record of technology.  It helps if you have examples of how technology has helped save the environment in the past or will do so in the future.


So if you google “critique of overpopulation theory” or “critique of malthusian theory” you can find lots of answers.


I would also check out a couple wikipedia pages:





And I’m sure more recent folks have taken up Julian Simons arguments.


Oh, and I’m sure there are eco critiques you can run against this.


You probably have some environmental generics that you could run against this.


Not to mention you have other impacts or cultural forces solve the environment.


You can also run non-intrinsic arguments (basically like counterplans on the aff as tests to test the link.  Its like perming the disad).  These are theoretically risky, so I would focus on carded answers.


Oh…you could also win that your short term nuclear war, if you have one of those impacts in your aff, gets to extinction–and increases scarcity of resources in the short run.


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