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November 25, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Reflections on Answering the Chinese Threat Construction Critique

I think I would also roll with specific indicts of the core K article, that I seem to remember exist.  At least one in your frontline.


I think that core argument has a lot of flexibility and the possibility for spin and nuance in a world in which you win that China should be viewed as a potential threat, but they win some kind of minimal inroads that timeframe for buildup is for 25 years instead of 10.


I think you’re looking at the critique as off or on, when the link could be viewed linearly or on a gradient or continuum.  I think that may be a stretch, but perhaps its a viable spin.


I would also speak to the issue of intent.  The person who controls intent & threat is probably the one who wins more often than not.


Also there are probably arguments in your case that point to an empirical denial of their argument (aka we already construct them as a threat).

Here is the full thread on Cross-x.


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