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September 4, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Getting better at theory debate

Read arguments (ie theory blocks).  How would you answer them?  Are they written as best they could be?  Is there a better way to say or explain the argument with the same number of words or less?  Or are their TKO arguments that the block is missing?

Think about how the theory applies to this resolution.  Also think about its implications for other resolutions. The later might be thought of as the precedent for the theory.

Identify arguments in debate you think are unfair to one side (and figure out why)

I often tried to map out arguments over the course of a debate, so that I could 3 point something–all on one sheet of paper.  (In the case of Lincoln-Dougals debate I wouldn’t do that necessarily to theory because that may cause you to spread yourself out.).  However, that can work for policy.

Identify the following parts:

  1. Argument (claim and warrant)
  2. Impact/implication/voting issue
  3. Reflect on the precedent it would set in other debates

If one of the parts doesn’t exist, its possible that its not a full argument.

Use the aggregation and/or crowdsourcing method.  You can read over and/or gather arguments from.  Try to avoid (unnecessary) redundancy, however.


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