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August 16, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Answering Moral Relativism Arguments

This first quote is much better than the second.  I’m not much of a fan of the second, but the first one is on fire good.  Especially if you understand the underlying reasons for the arguments he’s making in the first.


Relativism undermines 9 of the foundational aspects of human existence and interaction–and that enable relationship, community, and civilization.

“As we have seen, moral accountability, evil, praise, blame, justice, fairness, moral improvement, moral discourse, and tolerance all seem to be concepts that have meaning apparent to our moral common sense.  Each is justified by moral intuition, and yet relativism renders them all meaningless.  If these moral notions are valid but yet are inconsistent with moral relativism, than realism must be false.”


Francis J. Beckwith & Gregory Koukl, philosophers, authors, and speakers, Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air, Baker Books, 1998, p.61


The substance and warrants for the arguments are in the book, which is available for $4 on Amazon.  (One cent to buy used and 3.99 shipping and handling).


If you don’t want to loose to relativism again, this is the way to be ready to beat it.


“Those who answer to themselves ultimately answer to no one of consequence.  And this makes it impossible to distinguish relativistic morality from self-interest or ethical egoism.”


Francis J. Beckwith & Gregory Koukl, philosophers, authors, and speakers, Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air, Baker Books, 1998, p.62

And you could probably get better qualifications, but that seemed sufficient to me.


I thought this was a pretty good short quip that relies on the nature of logic.  It points to the self-refuting nature of relativism & the way it saws the branch on which it attempts to stand or justify itself:


The man who tells you truth does not exist is asking you not to believe in him.  So don’t.

Roger Scruton, Philosopher

Not to mention, there is no point if truth isn’t possible.

The MacKinnon article is pretty amazing.  MacKinnon critiques relativism and post-modernism from a feminist perspective.  I think she wrote the article in the mid 90s.  I think it replies to cultural relativism and ethical relativism. (its on Lexis in the Law Review section)

There’s a certain kind of reductionism to these theories.  It can never really account for the progress & effectiveness of modernism, only throw stones that it can be abused.  All ideologies can be abused and warped, so it really doesn’t get us anywhere.

Seriously read the Beckwith and Koukl book on Relativism.  Also, the Mackinnon article and the Peter Kreeft article (just google against relativism and the peter kreeft article should pop up).


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