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June 15, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Reflections on the Nietzsche and Nazis Connection

A doctrine is needed powerful enough to work as a breeding agent: strengthening the strong, paralyzing and destructive for the world-weary.

The annihilation of the decaying races. Decay of Europe.– The annihilation of slavish evaluations.– Dominion over the earth as a means of producing a higher type.– The annihilation of the tartuffery called “morality” (Christianity as a hysterical kind of honesty in this: Augustine, Bunyan).– The annihilation of suffrage universel; i.e., the system through which the lowest natures prescribe themselves as laws for the higher.– The annihilation of mediocrity and its acceptance. (The one-sided, individuals–peoples; to strive for fullness of nature through the pairing of opposites: race mixture to this end).– The new courage–no a priori truths (such truths were sought by those accustomed to faith!), but a free subordination to a ruling idea that has its time: e.g., time as a property of space, etc.



So the Ubermench is supposed to be all about power and will–and this little 10 word aside is supposed to magically stop people who are trying to be Ubermench through power.


Not to mention he links back to his own arguments here through utilitarian framework.


Should we label this “rules for the ubermenches to follow?”  That would link back to his critique of norms  and ethics and probably the critique of the affirmative itself.


Also, lest you forget what this pairing of opposites brings–look to Hegel who is who this is drawing on.  Its to have a battle & confrontation.


Also, this means that his framework has to allow Hitler vs. Jews and Hitler vs. the US because they are opposites.


Or this is a warrant for the perm.  Hegelian/Nietzschian collision and conflict good.


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