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June 10, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Debate Strategy & Core Principles

  • Impact/Implications
  • Gravity/Significance of Argument
  • Comparison/Contrast (distinction)
  • Theme
  • Repetition/Reminder
  • Reasons/Data/Credibility
  • Distinctions/Nuance
  • Impact comparison: Highest value/What really matters
  • Framing the ballot/Writing the ballot (criteria/framework/voting issues)

What makes a good/strategic argument?

  • Reasons (quality, clear, etc…)
  • Distinction/nuance (thats not us)
  • Contrast (answering the opposition)
  • Rhetoric
  • Paint a picture
  • Types of evidence/data (for various types of argument)

(I need to group these better.  And there may be a bit of duplication.)

This handout on analyzing arguments also may be helpful.

This provides some stylistic considerations and pointers.


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