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January 20, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

Answering the Critique Without Theory?

I don’t think its possible.  Without theory you can’t get your aff back. [in light of that I don’t know why you would attempt to.  You also need theory to create an effective time tradeoff for you and to create offense.  Given that, you vitally need theory]

How, though?


Impact turn the alternative.

1) Transition type stuff.

2) K gets rid of stuff that actually helps us do stuff the K talks about or favors.


Implicate the concrete ways in which the alternative takes away what we need for change.


K is self-contradictory.  (this is an argument with warrant)


Figure out how their alternative or link allows you to access your case impacts.


* Note: its kind of hard to walk this fine line–but hopefully you can make this argument without begging the question of the critique in the first place.


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