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January 15, 2016 / compassioninpolitics

How to Answer Orientalism

I would suggest at

1) post-colonialism bad (including East/West or North/South dichotomy bad)

2) the west is the best (westernization, modernization, capitalism good)

3) multi-culturalism bad

4) western guilt bad

5) essentialism/stereotypes (perhaps from so called Third World Feminists)

6) using the letter of the law against itself

7) answers to Nayar and/or development type Ks

8) power vaccuums and/or violent power struggles. (killing the west = transition badness)

9) Anthropological critiques of anthropology (this I’m a little less sure on).  I know there is a Foucaultian take on the development K about static depictions of the developing world

I think 2 or 4 may be the best.

I’m curious about the issue of media representations as a component of this.

I remember watching a debate where Michigan was answering this argument where there was an absolute throwdown on Orieentalism.  (it was a couple years ago).






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