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December 15, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Random reflections on performative contradictions and kritics

This isn’t perhaps the best advice I’ve given on this topic, but perhaps decent.

Generally the answers deal with:

1) dispositionality being good

2) negative flexibility being good

3) if they thought there was a contradiction…they can concede one….  thats their poor choice.  How is it abusive for me to make it easier for them?

4) explain away the contradiction

5) explain away the abuse

6) contradictions good  (not a very persuasive argument, because rationality is based on non-contradiction and because they could take this literally and it might hurt you and read contradictions of their own).


The stuff that should hurt you is the way in which contradictions might effect:

1) K alternative solvency and/or the overall authenticity of your stance on the K

2) might effect the permutation


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