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November 23, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How can I comprehend or understand my evidence better?

The core skill we are talking about is: Paying attention and focus


It also helps be able to answer the common questions.


What is the warrant?  Whats the reason?  Why?


There are also times when your evidence won’t answer their question.  You have to be able to provide an intuitive answer based on what you’ve read on the topic and what you know about government, economics, or international relations.


I would suggest reading your 1ac and familiarizing yourself with that evidence.


Finally: what are the types of questions they often ask or what are the types of questions you have trouble answering (are there re-occuring questions perhaps)


If you find yourself not understanding evidence, go back.  Do this on a paragraph by paragraph basis.


Perhaps reading the original articles might help you to think about the overall message.  Or if you haven’t read both the neg and the aff for your affirmative, I would do that.

Reading evidence you know you are going to have to understand (that your partner will likely read on the aff–particularly the frontlines)–and I would do that on both sides of the debate. (so the evidence you will likely be reading)


You can even make speed drills that are read and summarize drills.

[there are probably also some reading comprehension tips for college or for public policy type considerations that are probably worth seeking out and reading.]


What are your thoughts and tips on critical reading skills?


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