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November 16, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How to Run the Security K on the Surveilance Topic

I’m going to suggest developing a viable thesis around a metaphor or analogy.  This would be like security in area X.  You can perhaps use this to explain the link and the turn story.

Capturing what they do, advocating against HOW they represent.  We do the aff without the representations they use.  You should do the aff, but without their security representations.  (although I wouldn’t quite make it that crystal clear coming out of the 1NC).

Your alternative then functions as a counterplan that captures 100% of their solvency–and ideally proves their advocacy wouldn’t solve to begin with.  The spillover is we’re super-fearful and end up surveiling in another way.  (you might even cite examples–like more Patriot act type violations).  They provides the justification for those types of actions.

You want to be sure to block out how you explain how you capture their advocacy.  Depending on how you advocate it, it could end up being a bit like a topical counterplan.


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