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October 18, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Novice Debate Video Coaching Resources

I’m going to point to five resources that should be helpful for debate coaches of all types:

Here is are some videos from a YouTube channel by a girl who attends Michigan who debates:


She maintains a YouTube channel, which is probably worth subscribing to.

I’m not sure if all the videos are good, but likely are a decent starting point.  They have the advantage of being shorter than a lecture.

Checking out the tournament resources from Urban Debate may also be helpful:


Debate Central at the University of Vermont.  (I’m not as a big of fan of the National Center for Policy Analysis/NCPA Debate Central)

The National Association of Coaches of Debate also has some resources:


Overall there are lots of resources here:

All of the above are probably worthy of bookmarking and investigating.

Feel free to add any resources you think that I’ve left off the list in the comments section.  By the way, not all of these are videos.  (I also need to link any links that aren’t working.)


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