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September 24, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Making better analytics for policy debate

I’m focusing on the 2AC analytics, but some of these strategies work elsewhere.

1) Model analytics from good frontlines.  [take advantage of all your frontlines]

2) Know what analytics (ie the uniqueness answers or empirically false arguments) will apply across your frontlines.

3) An analytic argument that any easy cross application from the shell answers is probably not all that good.

4) Getting the other team to read a card to get back to square one is probably a decent analytic.

5) Know the difference between offense and defense

6) Take into account two key things.  probable answers back based on your own brain (or your collective team brain) and the files.

7) Some of the best analytics take into account the weaknesses of the shell.  For instance, lets say there are 3 versions of a DA that are put out.  There are a couple different ways to deal with this, but if someone is just reading the DA from DDI or whatever….you have near infinite prep time on those arguments.  But they can’t unread evidence they read.


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