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August 27, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How do you cross-ex the 1ac in policy debate

CX of the 1AC:

1) Disad links

2) Process of enforcement

3) Point to questionable evidence

4) Point to uniqueness questions or date based uniqueness questions (holes)

5) Understand the warrants on the solvency evidence (assuming its not good, because otherwise you are giving them speech time)

6) Understand the warrant on the moral obligation

7) Get a handle on any unique framework arguments

8) Practice the art of clarity

9) Practice the art of confusion or distraction (aka scaring the 2ac)

10) Sometimes they will give you an answer they will end up saying in the 2ac (this is more of an FYI).

I think CX is most important for prepping the 2AC & the 2NC

BTW, you also want to be friendly, kind, and professional while cross exing the 1ac.


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