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August 26, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Various ways to creatively answer the critique in the 2AC–a short guide to writing critique frontlines

1) Make a list of Ks on the topic.  Alphabetize this.

–Group similar arguments in the same file.  This probably won’t make sense but–Deep Ecology and Antho together in the same pocket, but probably with slightly different frontlines based on the links and alternatives.

2) Make a list of K theory arguments.  Organize this list however you want.

3) Topic specific link turns and stuff perhaps mixed with other K type evidence as necessary. (perm/pragmatism, etc..)

I would also have generic K frontline to use when you don’t have a frontline for the argument.

There is some Pneumonic that people use to order their K blocks often. (Post or something–maybe thats for CPs) Its on Cross-ex.  Hopefully someone will post it.

A couple of other concerns:

1) The most important part I think is to figure out how to leverage the evidence in your aff as IMPACT TURNS to the K and/or alternative.

2) Figuring out tangible ways through word pictures and concrete examples of the alternative of what the alternative would destroy in a rational way.

3) Also, I think the dealing with potential contradictions can be helpful.



  • All aff file evidence in One Expando (including generic AT: type stuff if possible)
  • All DA/CP FLs in One Expando
  • All your Aff K Stuff in One Expando

1) Its what would the world look like without the language the aff describes.

–What if we can’t say “threat” or “security” or “risk”

–What if we can’t say “terrorism”

–Note, often the alternatives partially answer these questions, but they do so in the vaguest ways possible.

What would a world in which we took the link argument and overall argument seriously look like?  For instance some fears are actually good.

You are creating analytical disads to the K.  You don’t need cards for this if the argument is intutive and/or true.

2) What are empirical or historical examples where these words were useful or where not having these words would have been counter-productive.  What would be the impacts?

3) What would a world of the alternative look like?  (due to the link arguments.)

–“word pictures and concrete examples of the alternative.”  Just means description in visual or specific/concrete terms (historical or examples).

–Would this sacrifice any of the values the K stands for?)

For instance, what would a world without law look like?

–Social contract theory ala Hobbes says “Nasty, brutish, and short.” and would resemble Somalia or Mad Max.

–Lack of law means rolling back all the positive legislation in a given area.

Isolate the real conflicts and tradeoffs of the K in ways that make your case.

One that comes to mind for representation Ks is suppression of speech leads to worse speech.  [that turns their alternative presumably]

One other way to go is: 1) deterrence good (hege good).   2) capitalism good  And other types of impact turns.

4) Transition arguments are pretty big.  There is a time of transition between one system and the other.  Making that transition could be quite violent.  Or arguments like violence will fill the open space created by the K, which means the K will be coopted.

5) Cooption of the argument for a variety of reasons can sometimes be useful. [this is probably not a winning argument, but if you have a reason for cooption, this can sometimes be effective]

6) Does the K bite itself?  How?

7) Do their DAs, counterplans, or case arguments bite the K?  What are the implications?

One really good way in addition to these ways is to look at existing FLs that are good and replicate them in new ways.  This doesn’t mean taking some hyper-generic list–but rather a targeted attack.

I should also mention to use the evidence file.  Just be sure to be reasonable word economic.

BTW, if there is an argument they have a frontline to in the file–you might consider making that argument at some point–assuming its decent.


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