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August 21, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Where should you research for debate evidence

Here are six key places to do research for debate:

1) Google

2) Google News

3) Paid/Professional Databases (available at Public Libraries and Universities)

4) Government documents

5) Interlibrary loan (mostly used for books)

6) Its also possible to use Amazon for key books which aren’t particularly expensive.

I would suggest that in my experience that most of my work was done on professional databases, but you have to make due when you don’t have those or figure out how to legally get access.

You can also use citations from:

1) The cards from the Open Evidence Project

2) The Caselist wiki (which is up, but doesn’t have anything on it as of Mid-August).  In a month it will have a lot more.

3) Getting cites from other teams in rounds (generally after debates or in down time)

4) Asking for cites on here or trading cites on here.

* I’m not excluding any of the answers above.  I was just trying to provide what have been in my experience the most fruitful and helpful.


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