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August 21, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Critique Trumps Theory is a Stupid Argument

IMHO opinion this is a dead end argument.

Fairness is the gateway to everything.  Without the ability to make fairness claims, you are defenseless against them steamrolling you and using power-over of EVERYTHING ON EARTH as a legitimate reason they win.  Fairness is key to checking this back.

K is at best a second level gateway or filter.  Its not a primary gateway of filter.

The analogies to fairness in life or sports.  If players play by unequal foundational rules….its illegitimate.  One team shouldn’t have a 5 foot goal while the other team has a 10 foot goal.  Thats not basketball–thats a totally different game.

Their debate game is aff always wins or neg always wins or the team that says -ism always wins.

  • Note: you don’t want to get sucked into reading this all.  The first mini-paragraph should be sufficient.  And you can probably edit this for word economy purposes.


You just used theory to say K trumps theory.

By definition we need theory to engage evidence and arguments.

1) Otherwise justice and fairness is impossible.

2) Otherwise dialog is impossible.

A world without theory as a check is anarchy and anything goes.

These are the questions that need to be answered:

• How do arguments function?

• What does the ballot mean?

• What is fair and just?  What is not fair and not just?

• What is a K and what is a non-K?

Also, the division of K and theory is itself a boundary function–which seems to link to your argument.

Basically this argument is “vote neg because I said they link to -isms or ideologies.”


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