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August 12, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How can 2AC not get spread out? What are the advantages of being aff?

The affirmative has a couple advantage:

  1. Prepared speech
  2. Specificity of evidence
  3. Affirmative evidence is usually better
  4. Picked their ground
  5. Try or die, inevitability
  6. Easier for aff to stay on the same page

How can they ensure they don’t get spread out:

  1. Efficient blocks (underlined down)
  2. Great cross-application
  3. Knowing their aff
  4. Knowing the literature
  5. Knowing the key neg positions (and where those are likely to go as groups)
  6. Know how they want to move the debate–where they want to go.
  7. Organization & being mentally on the same page
  8. An aff that plays with typical strategies
  9. Using the credibility of their position vs. the less cohesive neg positions.
  10. Impact turning the K and/or its alternative
  11. Theory to create time tradeoffs and/or to presure
  12. Going on the offense where it can

Remember that 3 card shells aren’t fully developed.

Bonus: Knowing judge & Knowing opponents

See also: Read and understand Sun Szu Art of War


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Aug 12 2015 5:50 am

    Here are a couple more:
    1) Grouping

    2) Remember all the uniqueness type arguments embedded in the aff.

    3) Emphasizing specificity, credibility, probability.

    4) On point impact comparison

    5) Fleshing out warrants & reasons & creating valid reasons

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