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August 1, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

My argument for government policy and regulation

By what criteria or definition? Which one of those are you saying we should do away with? You and your kids are healthy today because they didn’t drink spoiled milk or disease ridden meat and presumably their food service was provided with clean hands. Thats something we rely on everyday whether we eat out or get it at the grocery store. But more to the point unfortunately 100% of people don’t self police 100% of the time. Government stands to enforce a base level expectation for the consumer in terms of health and other qualities. Without government provided accountability….you don’t have much of a check when a business abuses you. Its also the only “objective” and just way to provide a criminal justice system more broadly to resolve disputes and establish “justice”. Its certainly imperfect….but a system by privates is likely to be managed by those with the most economic power. At least government has a mission statement of the Constitution to hold it accountable along with the democratic process. I have zero way to resolve a dispute with a nefarious, abusive, etc. scam artists….except by appealing to a an objective 3rd party who is deemed with resolving such disputes. Vigilate justice is likely to end in cycles of revenge. I have zero desire to live in the Old West of self-enforced pseudo-justice where the rule of law was semi-non existent. Perhaps you would like that better than what we have and think businesses could even prosper in such a system (i.e. when businesses have issues with consumers, businesses, or other agents). Are you getting nostalgic for the days of led paint and bad meat products (a la Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle)?


Here is a list of 9 + probably over 100 more in state and local.

I forgot the CDC and public health
All of those I mentioned were in some way tax dollar funded and/or fed, state, and/or local. The list didn’t make the feds vs. state distinction you’re making.
GI Bill (non-responsive–clear government program and funding)
State Universities (non-responsive–clear government program and funding)
Public schools are government programs irrespective of state or nation.
Road and Interstate (Heard of the department of transportation?)
Food inspectors presumably work in congress with fed. and state public health boards and FDA (only the government would have the authority to shut an unhealthy restaurant down)
Internet was part of DARPA as I understand it
Public works (trash & sanitation) is a government program
Libraries/state and locals.
If your argument is “state and locals” are good. You just made a whole new list of 100s of programs.


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