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August 1, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Answers to Viviocentrism/Collective Suicide

1) This is the ultimate double-speak….life brought to you by death. Thats just silly.

2) This is pre-meditated murder. Its aborting all future generations. Doesn’t give them the option to live or make choices.

3) Collective forced suicide is different than suicide by choice. Coercion and violence to make this happen.

4) Literally throwing the baby out with the bathwater. On balance–living is still a good and beneficial idea. Nihilism and nothingness and terminal death is the end of the end. No choice, no love, no nothing.

5) Don’t by the conspiracy theory hype. Its just rhetoric….no substance.

6) The author is mentally unstable….prefer our evidence

7) The other team knows this is irrational–otherwise they would be committing suicide now….or they would have done it when they read this a year ago.

8) CHOICE is the ONLY way this should ever go down….if it does. Forced suicide (aka mass murder). This is worse than Hitler.


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