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April 30, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

More Anti-Blackness Critique Rants

Confused how any K alt could really solve this?

How does he explain a long list of 100s of famous people and leaders who are black.  That’s a massive empirical denial of your impact story.

The reason Oprah advanced is because she didn’t see herself as a victim.  The same goes for 99 to 100% of African Americans.  They didn’t need some K to come along and help them out–they bettered themselves & advanced themselves.

Racism and slavery didn’t keep Oprah & the others from succeeding.

Its sad.  Its improving, but it isn’t a caste system.

The only reason people might settle for the radical anti-blackness alternatives is they think African Americans have no chance.  But any alternatives which have been effective–are proof that their alt. isn’t necessary.

Power and priviledge aren’t intrinsically bad.  Its when they are abused that they become bad.  Its actually minorities who understand how to leverage priviledge and power in positive ways that end up not only advancing themselves, but helping 100,000s and more behind them.

Also, inequality & imbalance are inevitable.  People are unequal.  And power and a priviledge (both good and bad) are a hydra.  Cut off one limb and it re-asserts itself.  (Actually the analogy to mercury or a starfish is probably more appropriate).

The only way to eliminate power and priviledge–and this really doesn’t even do it–is to have a society like Harris Burgeron. (its an allegory or metaphor)

* This isn’t an attempt to rationalize it, but just to put it and the solutions to it in perspective.  Its to establish the context and the limits of alternatives.


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