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April 15, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How do you structure a Narratives Good affirmative?

Usually pretty simple:

1) You read a narrative

2) You read a DA to lack of narratives.  (what does a world without narratives look like)

3) You say narratives solve

Sometimes there is a distinction between a “universalized narrative” or a “generic narrative” and a personal one.  I’ve include ” “s but those aren’t terms of art per se.

The universalize narrative is theoretically what DAs & other negative arguments are.

Oh…there is probably a:

1) Framework underview and/or your interpretation of the ballot (role of the ballot)

2) Perhaps a DA underview which could include impact type questions, but could be something along the lines of threat construction.  I would make this decision based on what the major DAs on the topic are and what people are likely to read against you.


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