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March 26, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Answering Media Bias Critiques

I think there are definitely ways around that link.

The problem with the argument is that any link card that makes that claim would be an overgeneralization.

If all truth claims are implicated in power does not mean we shouldn’t look to media.  Bias is involved in all knowledge production, save math.

From a pragmatic or utilitarian perspective the argument doesn’t make sense.  We make all our decisions based on imperfect, distorted, and biased decision-making and yet things work out pretty well.

Because often:

Biased information >  No information at all.

Lets say all media is patriarchal.  That doesn’t mean we pack up and go home or circle the wagons.  No, we still have to exist in the real world.

Actually–that is the point of debate–we’re supposed to use our critical thinking skills to unpack those biases–to compare and weigh–but not to just throw evidence out.

Community and culture are implicated in all communication practices–which is to say bias and distortion is 100% inevitable.

Ultimately, unless you have a very nuanced alternative, this is either

1) highly utopian (give up biases)

2) highly illogical and irrational–and anti-progress and survival and all other values worth striving for.

This is the original thread this was replying to (link)


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