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February 14, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Learning about Debate and Life through Video Games

Types of games:
1) Team Sports Games (Basketball, Football, etc..)
2) Multi-player & MPORGs
3) Fighter Games (Tekken, Street Fighter, etc…)
4) Mainstream (Ms. Pac Man, etc..)

1) Practice (why? what happens during practice?)
2) Special moves (see also T-shaped people)
3) Offense/Defense
4) How to you Prepare (i.e. knowing an opponents go to moves)
5) Pattern identification
6) How to deal with bosses
7) Getting feedback & the need for feedback (sense making) (this is also why bosses or any character which doesn’t pay attention to the others fails)
8) Other possible other lessons: Exploring, Trying, Learning, Failure

How are the activities different?

I’m curious how Chess is a good model for learning strategy or similar life lessons.


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