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January 15, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

How to deal with an unmotivated debate partner: the very short version

Motivation (aka passion & determination) x intelligence (this also includes ability to leverage feedback in various forms) = output

What conclusions can you draw from the above formula????? (The brackets are for definition & clarification….not for math)

An unmotivated person is not going to go very far in debate… they are also less likely to have a quick uptake of new feedback & learning over time (no matter how grade or SAT smart they might be).

You may even have to have a conversion about commitment with your coach and/or your partner if they are genuinely not motivated (although I’m not sure whether to approach it from motivation, partnership, or both. However, my gut and intuition suggests that its easier to approach the issue from partnership….given that those are external things that other can see often & judges often comment on–and other people who have watched you debate and interact can probably tell–in fact in a best case scenario your coach may be able to sense it already–depending on how large your squad is.). Try getting them motivated….and figure out what got them involved in the first place.


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