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January 2, 2015 / compassioninpolitics

Framing as a strategic tool in debate

Overviews, framing, and impact calculus.

How do you win a debate?

• Tech and execution
• Perception
• Overviews

What is an overview?
• Lens or filter for the debate
• Globally functional
• Misconceptions
• Characteristics of a good overview
• Holistic
• Telling not describing (??????)
• Shouldn’t be prewritten (??????)

Framing – think of it this way
Framing by concession

• Framing by interaction
• Choices/decision making
• Evidence
• Disad framing
• CP framing
• T/Theory
• Ks

Impact Calc
• Tie breakers
• Always comparative
• Impact defense
• Magnitude
• Timeframe
• Probability


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