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December 11, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Doing competitive intelligence in policy debate

Here are a couple:

1) Act-Utilitarianism vs. Rule Utiltarianism

2) Deontology (aka Duty or Responsibility Based Ethics)

3) Essentialism/Anti-essentialism

4) Biopower (Foucault)

5) Realism and Answers to Realism

6) Exceptionalism/Hegemony

7) Soft power

8) Neo-liberalism/Globalization

9) Free trade good

10) Anthropocentrism/Deep Ecology and answers to it.

Various forms of international relations theory are interesting/helpful. (see wikipedia or an intro to international relations textbook from college)

One effective way to do this is:

1) To look at all the arguments that came out of camp both from the Open Evidence Project & the table of contents

2) Backfiles

3) Caselist

4) Finding out from other teams (your team & other teams)

It requires doing all of the above on a semi-ongoing basis.


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