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November 12, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Washington Post Article about N-Word in Debate–Criticism of Race Affirmatives and the N-word

This line is eloquently hyper-bolic in nature: “How we looked at it, there is no instance that a black person has power over a white person except for this,” (in this case referring to the use of the n-word). It marks a clear failure to look at options, alternatives, and reality. It’s intrinsically reductionist in nature. And I’m not sure how any African American with institutional power would increase that institutional power by using that word (rather than do the opposite & polarize the public sphere and perhaps even the private ones). And what exactly does it do to the people maintaining Jim Crow-type policies today exactly??? This sounds about as effective as the “scream” alternative to capitalism–actually less so given the massive risk of polarization (see also debate forum polarization and in one sense poisoning the rhetoric).



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