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October 22, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Thinking about advantage modules–as add on advantages and disad turns

There was a question on Cross-x that asked for a definition of advantage modules–this is what I said:

Yeah advantage modules can be either

1) Modular advantages (for the 1ac)

2) Add-on advantages

3) Disad turns (ideally you would run them as bigger turns of the disad–to kind of “own” and/or subsume the disad link. However, they can be independent if you want–although perhaps not quite as strategic. (you would want to win probability, timeframe, access/degree of link, etc..). Also uniqueness can still potentially be an issue.

BTW, its great to ask questions like this in the Cross-x forum. I would also point out that the SDI debate wiki & the Emory debate manual also include many terms. The SDI debate wiki is probably more updated/current as I’m not sure how the Emory Debate manual has been updated since say the early 1990s–particularly in terms of the glossary.

* You can use pod and module interchangeably I believe.


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