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September 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Philosophy and Lincoln Douglas Debate Links

• Aristotle (original texts)
• Plato
• Kant
• John Stuart Mill (utilitarianism &
• John Locke
• Free Speech
• Critique of Deontology
• Critique of Utilitarianism
• Individual vs. Society
• Rights vs. National Security

Historical (Enlightenment/Constitution) Etc… (see also World History, History of Philosophy, History of Ideas)

Aristotles Logical Terms (link) (see others)

Lincoln Douglas Terms Defined
Quick list (link)
Another list for debate more broadly (link)

Free Debate Manuals
(to be added later)

Its better to read the originals in book form in my opinion. The texts often come with references. Thats not to say you shouldn’t read the texts online–just to take the bigger picture into account when you make decisions. Alternatively, you can only view some philosophy and debate videos online.

Texts to Read:
1) Logical Fallacies
2) Intro to Philosophy Text
3) Individual and the Political Order
4) Speeches
5) Persuasion/Rhetoric Text
6) Critical thinking/Writing text
7) History of ideas text(s)


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