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August 24, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Random thoughts on embodiment and ethics

A perm that does the alternative to hollow conceptions seems to solve and cause them to be more robust.

There’s still the basic link either/or argument is probably still there and you have to answer how the perm is a bit different.

There might be an argument for including both being good. Emotion/embodiedment alone is insufficient or risks bias and abuse.

Here’s the thing. To me enforcement is the real issue….so enforcement partially coopted the Constitution with respect to minorities…..and would coopt the alternative (and presumably all its net-benefits).

The law isn’t responsible for such issues….culture is. Law can only be better than what came before. Ethical accountability with fairness and clear objectivity is the best check on insidious biases seeping in in other ways.

I think you could read something along the lines of narrative ethics is bad (ie using narrative as a means to evaluate policy & ethics. Narrative ethics in this case I don’t think is a term of art….”narrative in the law” is probably the term of art. Lots of literature that goes back to the beginning of this movement on Lexis-Nexus Law Reviews–say around the mid 1980s. Critical race, latino/a, and feminism I believe are the primary debates.). Narrative ethics seems to be a direct manifestation of embodiment that the alternative would likely increase and its a good metaphor of the overall philosophy.

Doesn’t cyborg feminism stand a part from this–because it seems pretty disembodied from my shallow understanding.

Also there are decent disads to biological based feminism (some I think in the ethic of care literature).

1) Bio-determinism

2) Essentialism & Totalism

3) Re-entrenches root cause of Inequality

4) Difference feminism bad

It may just be that social location focus is bad is a better argument.

I don’t think the two are all that incompatible. The historic stories of race & sex inevitably got embodied in the law. This either shows it doesn’t solve even when done….or is empirical solvency for you. Its perhaps just that you didn’t reach a totally representative number or number of perspectives. (That seems to be an fairness/objectivity question too BTW).



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