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August 15, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Answers to Eurocentrism/Post-Colonialism

Tournament: Wake Forest 2013 | Round: 1 | Opponent: John Doe | Judge: John Doe
Turn—rejecting reform of institutions of domination makes the entire postcolonial project self-defeating
Dirlik 98 – Prof Social Science, History and Anthropology, U Oregon (Arif, The Postcolonial Aura, p ix, AG)

Postcolonial criticism has quickly spent its critical power, however, as its questioning of
arguments against collective identities that are necessary to struggles against domination and hegemony.

Focusing on colonial reps undermines the possibility of solving the root causes of their critique—this is an impact turn to their framework that only the perm can solve
Goss 96 – Aboriginal Resource and Research Centre, New South Wales (Jasper, Postcolonialism, Third World Quarterly 17:2)

In some cases postcolonial theory has contributed to formulating new sets of ideas, but
their heterogeneous constructions and histories can still have force as structures and institutions.

Postcolonialism falls into the same trap of representing others
Majid 1 (Anouar, Provincial Acts,

As established and practised in the Anglo-American academy, postcolonial theory has been
as “hybridity” and “identity politics”) acquire more theoretical legitimacy.

They replicate the error of representing others
Thomas 94 – senior research fellow, Australian National University (Nicholas, Colonialism’s Culture, p 158-9)

Critics of colonial discourse often write, unavoidably, from within the terrain that they
colonial studies cannot take the identities of colonists as an unproblematic reference point.

Double bind—playing up the violence of colonialism discursively replicates this violence
Goss 96 – Aboriginal Resource and Research Centre, New South Wales (Jasper, Postcolonialism, Third World Quarterly 17:2)

Gates argues that postcolonial theory has created its own double bind whereby one can choose
door an unexamined totality; it projects globally what are but local experiences.

Postcolonialism is inevitably co-opted to legitimize colonialism
Dirlik 99 – Prof Social Science, History and Anthropology, U Oregon (Arif, How the grinch hijacked radicalism, Postcolonial Studies 2:2)

In the light of what I have observed above with reference to the re-
marginal in certain ways, but represent new forms of power in others.

They legitimize atrocity
Williams 97 – visiting fellow, Afrika-Studiecentrum (Adebayo, The postcolonial flaneur and other fellow-travellers, Third World Quarterly 18:5, AG)

Postcolonialism, as it is marked by the concept of hybridity, is a symptom
legitimate demands for his distinct nationality within the realities of a multinational Nigeria.

Tournament: Greenhill | Round: 4 | Opponent: Kinkaid | Judge: Sheila Peterson
Their fears of epistemological bias are exaggerated and unfounded – even if our claims aren’t perfect, they are likely accurate – wholesale rejection is the worst approach
Martin 1 – Ron, Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Cambridge (“Geography and public policy: the case of the missing agenda”, Progress in Human Geography 25,2 (2001) pp. 189–210,
A second source of the prejudice against policy study, however, is the charge
‘geography’ and ‘place’ matter for the conduct and content of policy discourse

Topic Specific Education – Role playing and decision making solves Latin American education failure in the US.
Cook, Education Practitioner, 85
Kay K., September 1985, “Latin American Studies”,, accessed 7/7/13, ALT

Gallup polls indicate that Latin America–Mexico, Central America, South America,
methods of introducing Latin American culture and erasing preconceived notions about that region.

War is at its lowest level in history because of US primacy—best statistical studies prove
John M. Owen 11, Professor of Politics at University of Virginia PhD from Harvard “DON’T DISCOUNT HEGEMONY” Feb 11
Andrew Mack and his colleagues at the Human Security Report Project are to be congratulated
U.S. material and moral support for liberal democracy remains strong.

Heg decreases structural violence—any alt dooms humanity to deprivation
Thomas P.M. Barnett 11, Former Senior Strategic Researcher and Professor in the Warfare Analysis and Research Department, Center for Naval Warfare Studies, U.S. Naval War College American military geostrategist and Chief Analyst at Wikistrat, worked as the Assistant for Strategic Futures in the Office of Force Transformation in the Department of Defense, September 12, 2011, “The New Rules: The Rise of the Rest Spells U.S. Strategic Victory,” World Politics Review, online:
First the absurdity: A few of the most over-the-top Bush
what’s yet to come. ¶ As always, the choice is ours.

Only plan solves—alt has no method of disengaging. Impacts are irrelevant without a risk of alt solvency.

Perm do both–political action key to solve the methodological shift
Grossberg (Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies and Cultural Studies, and Adjunct Distinguished Professor of American Studies, Anthropology, and Geography at the University of North Carolina) 10
I •want to describe a diagram of ways of being modern as a configuration
, then “being modern’) itself is a real and positive multiplicity.

Perm: embrace plan in context of alternative modernities and decolonization of knowledge—Their either-or is a false dichotomy – can seek alternative modernities that aren’t eurocentric
Grossberg (Distinguished Professor of Communication Studies and Cultural Studies, and Adjunct Distinguished Professor of American Studies, Anthropology, and Geography at the University of North Carolina) 10
(Lawrence, Cultural Studies in the Future Tense, pg. 264) DDI13

The M/C project, focused on the possibility of radical alterity, seeks
matter, of alternatives to modernity, will require a decolonization of knowledge itself

Perm do the plan and reject all colonial thought

Trying to heed the global south results in homogenizing the different voices and links back to the K
Salvatore 10 (Ricardo D., Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall 2010, 332-348, The Postcolonial in Latin America and the Concept of Coloniality: A Historian’s Point of View,
The same could be said about forms of narrating or representing the national, or
by the state in which subaltern voices appear, however misconstrued or disfigured.

Eurocentric thought allowed for liberating ideas, modernities good
Alcoff 7 (Department of Philosophy at Syracuse University., Project Muse, Mignolo’s Epistemology of Coloniality,
Hegemony in Mignolo’s usage of the term is very much taken from the Gramscian idea
the “now” resides, and thus, who is “behind.”

Speaking for others is wrong—their privileged social location makes any claim to political empowerment suspect—it’s an act of commodification and colonial domination, which turns the K
Linda Martín Alcoff (Department of Philosophy at Syracuse University. “The Problem of Speaking For Others” Cultural Critique Winter 1991-92, pp. 5-32.)

Feminist discourse is not the only site in which the problem of speaking for
restricting the practice to speaking for groups of which one is a member.

Economic decline causes racism and poverty

TIKKUN, staff June 16, 2005,

If there is one truism about race relations…AND…when people have economic security.


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