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August 10, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

What skills can debate potentially teach?

Debate as a way to teach x skill……
1) Writing
2) Research
3) Speaking
4) Objection answering/refutation
5) Critical thinking
6) Goal setting/being a champion leader (success)
7) Philosophy
8) Decision-making
9) Creativity/brainstorming
10) Productivity
11) Critical reading
12) Questioning
13) Self-reflection
14) Scenario planning/strategic thinking
15) Logic and reason
16) rhetoric
17) learning how to learn (see also reading)
18) conflict resolution/negotiation
19) grit and character and dicipline
20) failure/experimentation/innovation


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  1. compassioninpolitics / Aug 10 2014 6:09 pm

    Value of debate:

    “I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don’t know the other side’s argument better than they do.”
    — Charlie Munger

    “We all are learning, modifying, or destroying ideas all the time. Rapid destruction of your ideas when the time is right is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. You must force yourself to consider arguments on the other side.”
    — Charlie Munger

    “The ability to destroy your ideas rapidly instead of slowly when the occasion is right is one of the most valuable things. You have to work hard on it. Ask yourself what are the arguments on the other side. It’s bad to have an opinion you’re proud of if you can’t state the arguments for the other side better than your opponents. This is a great mental discipline.”
    — Charlie Munger

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