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August 10, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Lincoln Douglas Resolutional Analysis Follow Up Activity/Critical Analysis

1) Cut the fluff
2) Make it more concrete
3) Make it simpler, easier to understand
4) Add rhetoric and stir

1) Distinctions
2) Filters (comparisons/juxtapositions)
3) Implications (how to subsume and/or impact comparison)
4) Even-ifs

See also to get better:
1) Writing/Rhetoric
2) Speeches (political, etc..)


History, Examples
Framing (???)

Better Reasons/Why

Type of conflict (meta-conflict involved at the heart of the resolution)
Quick checklist/resolutional analysis
Precedent/Similar cases/Similar conflicts
Crystal clear examples that bring it home.

Specificity & Generality, Precision vs. Big Picture
Enhance the link
Explanation of how links/access works
What is at stake/gravity
Make it memorable
Rhetoric/Poetic/Artistic-allusion, alliteration, parallelism (types), simile, metaphor, analogy, and examples/heroes.
Positive vs. negative framing. Clarify & concretize & visualize opportunity cost.


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