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August 10, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Core Lincoln Douglas Resolutional Analysis Checklist Activity

All purpose slice and dice for Lincoln-Douglas arguments:

When considering a value argument:
1) What is the criteria?
2) Is the criteria clearly defined? Or is slippery language used? How can precision be increased? Is our criteria better?
3) What are the reasons given for the criteria?
4) What are the key arguments? Reasons? Implications? Authors? Research/Studies?
5) What seems to be left out? How could your argument be made better? How could their argument be made better? Where could argument depth/reason, clarity, example, metaphor, analogy, image, distinction, definition, gut check, comparison, contrast, filter, quotation, maxim, or wording be added to enhance the argument?
6) How will this argument play out? Whats the end game? Whats the most credible and defensive?


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