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August 1, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Answers to Calculative Thought and the Heidegger Critique

1) Its 100% inevitable. All human thought is calculative.

2) Its impossible to just be. We would cease to grow and die in probably 3 to 7 days. Additionally, calculative thought is an early warning system regarding our encounter with reality:

3) You can do both.

4) They are mutually re-inforcing.

5) Performative contradictions are bad and
a) co-opt the alternative and are a voting issue for fairness:
b) The critique uses calculative thought
c) Their other arguments use calculative thought.

6) Their alternative just lets the SQ continue.

7) Individual alternatives by themselves are debilitating and cause paralysis resulting in the death of the environment.

8) Empirically calculative thought solves the environment.

9) Calculative thought saves the environment & reduces pollution.

10) More answers to utilitarianism/calculation/their particular flavor of Heidegger (probably including dillion inevitability)

11) Generic K theory answers

A couple thoughts on further strategery:

* Think about reading one tech good card as a trial ballon
** Science saves the environment **** Science good

Probably more unpacking & description of what it means to contemplate life or just be. A full-throated defense of becoming.


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