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July 30, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Answering Critiques of Plato’s Theory of the Forms

Plato’s notion was a kind of idealism, but not in a bad way–it distinguishes the real and the ideal.

So, for instance you have a real (imperfect) shape, and an ideal (ideal) shape to which that one aims.

The problem is that without the “ideal”….all we have is the druggeries and present-ness of the real/the now.

You lack a goal.

The objective existence of the ideal vs. real distinction……is more an issue of empirical pragmatism rather than physical ideal.

Also, that criticism is a category mistake. The ideal is not in the model of the real. The ideal is by definition not a physical thing.

See also Allegory of the Cave:


Sorry thats not a very good explanation of the allegory–but the allegory is kind of helpful to know.


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