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July 13, 2014 / compassioninpolitics

Why does the politics disad get such a bad wrap in policy debate?

What happens in debate conversations outside of debates:
Peoples opinion of the argument is probably a flavor of their win/loss record versus it. Although, various arguments in debate–particularly those that are known as “generic” strategies get a bad wrap after debate rounds. Consultation counter plans and arguments known as back-file checks also fall in this diminutive argument characterization. Other more “utopian” or idealistic strategies like the anarchy counter plan and the critique (more broadly) also tend to get this label.

Strategically. Every reason I think on this thread speaks to the negative’s strategic options with politics. One other key reason why that is true is that there are a number of counter plans that you can viably run with politics that make it an even better option.

Truth value of the argument. The argument itself is a flawed way to look at reality and make decisions.

I think aft teams can make smart arguments regarding the credibility to the truth claims of the politics disadvantage.

What is different than other disads??? In some respects this is a fair criticism. I think if you re-read the article it specifics the things wrong with the politics disadvantage‚Ķ..and you can think about the ways a regular disad doesn’t do that.

I tend to think budget disads (tradeoff) although the extent to which Congressional fiat does or does not cause an on budget tradeoff is up for debate. Often there are topic disads that are like deterrence good/deterence bad. Agency focus tradeoff disads are at least credible. Also, impact turns (which are essentially disads) also have a better link. So in all those cases you have disads that are conceivably better than politics disads.

For me, the viability of politics disads is massively increased by counter plans that solve 90 to 100% of the case.

In the real world its possible that horse-trading external to the aft would solve the link.


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